Ye olde Photo-Electric Webbe Sytte

Established nineteen forty five

This site has gone through many incarnations since I started it at quarter to eight, I don't remember the date, but the web was young and it was my first domain.  It was a hobby site for my photography.

After leaving my job in electronic engineering I briefly used the skill I had learned to build websites for an income. I also did the photography for the websites but then I found I could make more money just doing photography.

So I became a professional photographer. I used my website building skills to turn this website into a selling site and the income kept me going for ten years until I retired.  It was a very big site back then.

I still build websites, but just as a hobby and just for me.  All my sites were simple HTML sites but of late I have been drawn to (or pushed to) the dark side and I am experimenting with Wordpress sites.

The dot com version of photo-electric has been my main site for quite a few years, but I have shifted everything  across to the wordpress site:- 2045.  

My other site is Tin Taxi whose purpose will be self explanatory to visitors.

This domain
and it's sister domain
will soon be up for sale

Contact me via 2045